Latest Data

We have a series of important recent discoveries and developments coming from our laboratory. These include an all-purpose shortening created solely from liquid vegetable oil. This structured emulsion ( is being successfully used in commercial products and is the most efficient tool for the decrease in saturated and trans fat and calories in baked products [2]. The same technology is used for the manufacture of a petroleum-free and edible moisturizing lotion, proven to be extremely effective for several skin conditions and skin burns originating from wind, sun or rashes [6]. We are also working very actively in the area of oleogels [1].

With the recent discovery that modified cellulose has the ability to gel oil, we have been able to replace 50% of the animal fat in sausages and frankfurters [5]. Moreover, the same technology can be used to manufacture heat resistant chocolate [4] and a petroleum-free replacement for vaseline [6]. Our fundamental work has also been significant, continuously developing a structural understanding of the physical properties of fats and oils [3], particularly at the nanoscale.