Research Expertise

World class expertise in the physical characterization of lipid structure and its relationship to functionality, nutrition and quality.

The World's First Oil-in-water Structured Emulsion Used as an All-purpose and Roll-in Baking Shortening

Structured emulsions have been the focus of much work in our laboratory for the past 10 years.

We invented the world's first oil-in-water structured emulsion which can be used as an all-purpose shortening to reduce saturated and trans fatty acid content in baked goods (

Oil is trapped within liquid crystalline hydrated multilayers of saturated monoglyceride, which upon cooling below the Krafft temperature of the monoglyceride, solidifies into a "fat-like" structure that can be used for baking purposes.

We are currently developing the roll-in version of CoasunTM, with less than 30% saturated fat and zero trans fatty acid levels. The product is also free of palm oil and is made of locally grown oils.

CLSM of the Nile Red (oil) and Coumarin (water) stained structured emulsion, Coasun.